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Hi, my name is Steve, I have been a chilli head since i was about 10 when I had my 1st bite from a set my mouth on could anyone eat these things..? well here we are later in the future starting a chilli sauce business.

My 1st sauce i created was the Bajan hot sauce. I used to get friends and family bring back some from their holidays in Barbados but when supply's got low i decided to try my own. Looking up ingredients and trying them out on friends and neighbors. I took some to my local pub where word got around and made 2 bottles for the landlord for his burger shack. At first i had no label design or a company. Locals said how much for a bottle? i mentioned the costs involved, followed by more orders. I grow 50% of my chillies on my allotment which is where Plot34A chillis came from the others are donated or bought. Since the summer and with more chilli variety's new flavous have come which I hope you can all enjoy.

All the Best


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