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Hi, my name is Steve, I have been a chilli head since i was about 10 when I had my 1st bite from a set my mouth on could anyone eat these things..? well here we are later in the future starting a chilli sauce business.

The Plot34Achillis name originally came from the allotment sign.

My 1st sauce i created was the Bajan hot sauce. I used to get friends and family bring back some from their holidays in Barbados but when supply's got low i decided to try my own. Looking up ingredients and trying them out on friends and neighbours. I took some to my local pub where word got around and made 2 bottles for the landlord for his burger shack. At first i had no label design or a company. Locals said how much for a bottle? i mentioned the costs involved, followed by more orders. I used to grow 50% of my chillies on the allotment, but as the business grew it's most likely 10%, & other chillis are donated or bought. Since the summer,  more chilli variety's have been grown, new flavours have been developed, which I hope you can all enjoy. Our chilli varieties grown are mainly the super hot range, from Ghost, Scorpion and Carolina Reapers and they include rare ones such as the Hurtberrys, Chocolate apocalypse and Burmese Nagas. 

In 2023 after 4 years this is our last grow in Sherfield on Loddon, its sad to say goodbye to the allotment but we will move to another location in Hampshire for a 2024 grow.

All the Best


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