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1st bottle labelled... so to be 100

Our Chilli festival killer is being produced for our next event..

Why Chilli Festival Killer?

Because we always get people asking for our hottest.. that usually means our Wings of Fire or End of Salvation.. but then there's the group who wants hotter. .. so enter Our Limited number of this Chilli Festival killer.

50% mixed superhot chillis (chocolate apocalypse, Duglah, Carolina Reaper and more) fermented for that delicious flavour..but added smoked Carolina Reapers, dried Reaper and Moruga Scorpion..and Habaneros..for a range of heat and flavour. We used black garlic, chocolate, blueberry, and dark sugar to give a sweet background.. roasted peppers and tomatoes for bulk and cooling and 9 million extract to make that burn rise up and ..well, let's say, will kill your Chilli festival experience.

Only for the extreme chilli heads.

Chilli Festival Killer

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